Our office is in lovely (always), sunny (occasionally), Devon, just outside of Exeter. We also have a few freelancers in the team, who are primarily based in the UK but can sometimes be found working from far-flung places at odd times of the night.

Not at all! We do have a lot of local clients but the majority of our projects are spread out across the UK and beyond. What with emails, calls, and video meetings you’ll barely notice that we’re not next door!

All sorts! We started out just building bespoke websites but quickly found that the vast majority of projects involved custom software builds and features which really didn’t fit into the website mould. We started working on stand-alone software too and now love taking on a ridiculous variety of different projects, only limited by what clients bring to us.

More than a coffee and less than your average 4-bed house. Typically a bit closer to the coffee end of the spectrum though.
Unfortunately, to get a more exact answer we’ll need some more info – what your project actually is being a good starting point! Websites tend to start from around £5,000.00, while software builds really don’t have an average, but if you fill out our enquiry form we can give you a tailored quote.

Again, it really does depend on the project! We’ve worked on projects which have taken as little as a month and others which went on for almost a year! The primary factors are the amount of work which need doing and whether you already know all of the necessary details before we start development. We’ll set out the project timeframes before we start though, including any elements which could delay the project, so that you know what’s going on at all times.

Yes, but also no – each website is built individually, but using our CMS platform which has been carefully developed to provide a solid foundation for new sites, allowing you to easily manage your content in a tried and tested format. We like to think of it as being the best of both worlds!

We do! We follow the mobile-first principle, which promotes building the mobile designs first and then basing the desktop versions off of them. With the vast majority of website visits being completed via mobile or tablets nowadays, we strongly believe that mobile responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of your site, and do everything we can to ensure that the visitor experience will be seamless regardless of the device used.

Yes, we thoroughly test in all of the major web browsers, as well as across a range of devices and on both Mac and PC. As standard we test with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Edge, but we can also take more bespoke browsers into consideration if necessary.

Ooh, asking the big questions! We primarily use a PHP: Laravel framework but also work with JavaScript: Native JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue frameworks when applicable.

Not as standard, but we can do when necessary. We much prefer to build using our own bespoke CMS platform, as it’s incredibly flexible and has been gradually developed over the years based on our experience. The developers who originally built the platform are still with the company and know it inside-out, and as we add new features to it we’re able to benefit all of our clients rather than just fighting to keep a third party product up to date. That said, we know that some project elements genuinely do benefit from Wordpress (ecommerce sites in particular spring to mind) and we’re not too proud to take advantage of that when necessary. Just be prepared for us to explore all of the options before we commit!

We do, but, honestly? We work with partners who have far greater resource, time, and focus when it comes to design and branding, and nine times out of ten you’ll be best off benefiting from their expertise. If you get in touch we’ll assess your requirements and recommend a design team who we’ll then work with to create your dream product.

Once your project is complete we’ll continue to host and support it so that you don’t have to worry. You’ll be able to choose the level of support you require so that you’re covered, no matter whether you’re an online pro who likes to manage everything yourself or aren’t entirely sure how to work the Google. Either way, we’re here.

Yes! Our CMS platform allows you to change pretty much every aspect of your site if you choose to, from text and photos to the entire page layout. We’re always at the end of the phone if you need us, but if you’re happy to manage the site yourself then the digital world is pretty much your digital oyster.

We do, along with the vast majority of the internet, so we’re in good company! Cloudflare is a service which both speeds up load times on your site by caching elements so that they don’t have to reload every time someone visits your site, saving bandwidth costs, and also protects your website from outside attacks so that visitors know that they can trust it. It’s free to use at the basic level too, so the real question is why we wouldn’t use it.

We’re glad you think so! Just fill out our enquiry form or give us a call and we can start moving your project forward.

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