The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums has been representing wildlife establishments for 50 years; with over 100 members they’re a powerful force in the zoological world so it wasn’t a surprise when they needed more than just a standard website.

With differing requirements for BIAZA members and the public, none of them simple, we worked with them to create a bespoke site which could be all things to all people.


As the representative body for most zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland, the public-facing site needed to be engaging and informative, clearly getting the organisation’s goals and motivations across. It also needed to be able to be updated quickly and easily, allowing the BIAZA team to keep it up to date at all times. We introduced our intuitive CMS platform to enable this, bringing powerful features alongside straightforward navigation to make updates a breeze despite the huge variety of pages, resources, and blog posts which the website is home to.


On top of the public front, the BIAZA site also needed to provide an information hub for members, allowing access to member resources and industry-specific info. Naturally, this needed to be secure to prevent non-members wandering in unawares while remaining user friendly. We worked with the BIAZA team to create an easily adaptable members portal by allowing any content on the website to be restricted to only those individuals who have the correct level of access. Members can log in with a unique password and then view all of the resources available to their subscription without negatively impacting the public functionality. With the member access including a comprehensive jobs and placements database which the members can manage themselves, it’s a powerful tool which has made a big difference to BIAZA.



BIAZA and their members run a large selection of events throughout the year, and it was key to be able to advertise these both to members and the public as appropriate. We were able to introduce an interactive calendar to achieve this; events can be tagged with an access level when they’re uploaded and visitors can only view the events which are relevant to them, helping BIAZA to be able to manage all of their events in one place rather than having to constantly update multiple pages.


Since the site’s launch, the ability for members to manage their own listings has proved invaluable, with the BIAZA team freed up from copywriting to be able to focus on promoting conservation and animal welfare. We’re thrilled at the positive reaction it’s received, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

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