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Go South Coast is a bus management company which runs school buses for a variety of schools and routes. We were first introduced to them in order to help to streamline the physical passes which were being issued to school children and to keep track of the subscriptions for each school year. While their requirements were more than reasonable they were a bit more bespoke than any of the standard membership services which they’d looked at could cater for.

Their chosen provider was capable of holding customer data and taking payments, but something a little more refined was required for pass issuing and customisation, and member management. To make matters more urgent they were struggling to manage their data manually, which was tying up 3 full-time members of staff and taking them away from their regular workload.

Listening to the Client

We sat down with the Go South Coast Team and worked through their requirements to establish any complications or expectations, and then got to work. Using their existing membership system as a base we built a new interface to sit alongside it, feeding the information back and forth from the membership system using their API so that it was as user-friendly as possible for both customers and staff while keeping it in line with the requirements.

Mobile Block

Catering to Customers

The Front End section, used by parents of children who travel on the buses, allows parents to search by either the child’s school or bus route, and then to choose their subscription based on where on the route their child would join the bus before being passed across to the membership system to add an image and pay. With tailored styling and layout, the customer journey is clear and concise to minimise time and hassle.

Supporting Staff

The custom CMS, used by Go South Coast staff members, takes the details inputted by subscribers and uses it to automatically populate a bus pass template, with colour coding to confirm which year the pass is valid for.

This can then be printed off directly onto a membership card to be issued to the relevant child, streamlining a process which used to be deeply time-consuming.

The Result

The new software has made a substantial difference to Go South Coast’s operations, improving their processes and allowing them to spend more time on their business as a whole rather than administration. We’re delighted to have been able to help them and are pleased to continue supporting them going forward.

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