Tulleys Escape Rooms & Games

Already a nationally renowned farm park and Halloween attraction, Tulleys Farm have now branched out into the fast-growing Escape Rooms industry, to bring their trademark creativity to a new venture.

With no existing web presence in place, we worked with the Tulleys team to create a new site to sell their unique blend of challenge and mystery while keeping in line with the other pages which we already manage for them.

Setting the scene

Although the Tulleys brand itself was already very strong, Tulleys Escape wasn’t. Therefore, the most important part of our mission was to ensure that the site we created was able to effectively communicate the feel and ethos of the escape room offering while also showcasing the original and ingenious puzzles – all without giving away any clues.

We were also conscious of the need to allow the team to quickly and easily update information about the different rooms, enabling the website to keep pace with their imagination, and to cap this off the site needed to reflect the pre-existing Tulleys websites, without being a mirror image copy. We set to work.

Tulleys Escape Rooms
Tulleys Escape Rooms
Tulleys Escape Rooms

Pondering the puzzle

Our main conundrum was deciding the extent to which the new site should reflect the existing ones. Although it was important to highlight the connection and to leverage the awareness which came with that we were also highly conscious of the need to establish the escape rooms as a separate, standalone, concern. Ultimately, the decision was made to reuse some of the key styling elements from the other sites - in particular, the general menu layout – while introducing strong new colours and images in order to maintain the best of both worlds.

Supplying the solution

Using our powerful CMS platform to provide the foundation for the website, we were able to provide a simple yet effective way of updating the information about the different rooms with minimal hassle, to allow the team to focus on building and running the puzzles themselves.

We also made sure that the feel throughout the website remained friendly and approachable, while retaining an air of mystery to pull customers in and encourage them to see the escape rooms for themselves; to aid this we ensured that ‘book now’ buttons were clear throughout the site without making them overly intrusive to the general browsing experience.

With this all in place, we’re thrilled to report that both the site and the escape rooms themselves have both been a great success – we can’t wait to see what the Tulleys team come up with next!

“Thanks to everyone at Website Vision for delivering a website that we can be really proud of. The whole process has been professionally handled and you have always been happy to take on board our feedback and have worked hard to deliver a site that exceeds our already high expectations!

In particular, we have been really impressed with the creative design work - the feel of the website is right on brand and perfect in its appeal to our target markets. We are also extremely happy with the functionality and flexibility of the back end system."

Stuart Beare
Tulleys Farm

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