Bradleys Countrywide

Bradleys Countrywide are one of the UK’s leading Business Transfer and Commercial Estate Agents, with a specialism and focus on selling established businesses, not just properties.

Having provided a website for them a few years prior we were their first choice as a partner when it became obvious that the continued growth of the business would require something a bit more bespoke, to really assist in the management of sales, not just the advertising.

Investigating the Requirements

As part of the consultation process, we sat down with Bradleys and really got a feel for what they needed from the new setup; whether they knew it yet or not. While the existing site displayed the different properties on offer a stronger focus on business transfer and commercial properties was now needed, as this had proved to be their primary market. The ability for customers to filter quickly and easily by business type was a key part of this to ensure that potential buyers were able to see relevant listings without having to sift through the full site.

Further analysis also highlighted that the existing website and database structure was struggling to cope with the existing level of demand, and certainly wouldn’t be able to handle the increased traffic we were aiming to generate. Streamlining this needed to be fully considered and included as part of the futureproofed plan.

Building Solutions

Continuing to work closely with the Bradleys team, we began to build a system which would actively help to grow their business, handling all aspects of the sales process rather than just listing properties. Using our CMS platform as a starting point we quickly branched out, taking on puzzles which we hadn’t encountered before and solving them with bespoke solutions.  

The key requirement for Bradleys was the ability to load properties onto their site quickly and easily, being able to manage them and market them to clients without unnecessary time spent. Our user-friendly CMS made this a straight-forward process, allowing the Bradleys team to log in, make any necessary changes adding or removing properties, and log out again without any fuss or hassle. As part of this they could also separate out business and residential properties to make the website as clear as possible for potential clients.

With the powerful reporting function, Bradleys were also able to track which properties had had the most views, allowing them to prioritise marketing and hone their listings to ensure the best possible experience for customers. In addition to this, the CMS was customised so that they were able to create property email alerts to be sent to customers who had subscribed via the website, targeting potential buyers quickly to ensure that they weren’t missing out on new properties as they came on the market, as well as allowing prospective clients to request valuations online, allowing the website to actively generate business.

Working together the new features made a substantial difference to the way in which the Bradleys team were able to manage their business, focusing their efforts on higher-value activities while safe in the knowledge that their website was automatically handling everything else.

Bradleys Countrywide
Bradleys Countrywide
Bradleys Countrywide

Mobile Mindset

Another key aspect for Bradleys was the importance of a ‘mobile first’ responsive website which would be suitable for all clients regardless of the device they were using. As web traffic steadily moves toward a higher and higher proportion of mobile and tablet led traffic this has been a key focus for our team, especially where websites have a heavy focus on imagery as is naturally the case for Bradleys.

Using a built-in Content Delivery Network the Bradleys team are now able to resize multiple images on the fly, with each one being optimised for high quality, super-fast page load speeds, and flexibility of layouts to allow a seamless customer experience without the team having to spend hours on each property image.


With their new system in place, Bradleys have seen a substantial uplift in website usage and engagement from their customers and have considerably more time available to focus on less admin-intensive work, helping to convert interest into sales and to ensure that their web customers are able to secure properties with minimum fuss.

"We have high expectations as do our clients and Website Vision have truly surpassed all expectations for phase 1 and we are looking forward to phase 2 which will really streamline our business allowing us to stay further ahead of the competition futureproofing our place in the market space.

Carl and his team have been on hand what seems like 24/7, nothing is too much trouble and this has been a massive help when onboarding us up to and after our launch date even with our demanding requests. We can’t thank you enough"

Scott Nicholson Meek
Senior Business Valuer - Bradleys Countrywide

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