Squirrel's Scramble

Squirrel’s Scramble is an adventure tree park with more than 50 climbing and balancing challenges as well as 12 ziplines.

We worked with them to update their online presence and give customers easy access to a wide variety of information.


With single sessions, summer camps, school programmes, and birthday parties on offer amongst other options the website needed to make it easy for visitors to find what they were looking for. We tackled this by building a clear full-page menu into the site, allowing visitors to see all of their choices set out before them so that they could choose the most relevant option as well as allowing them to discover other possibilities which they hadn’t yet considered.

We also built the website on our bespoke CMS platform, allowing the Squirrel’s Scramble team to easily amend any individual pages or the site as a whole to keep it accurate. This made sure that the website wouldn’t immediately fall out of date and that visitors would always be able to find the most relevant information when visiting.

Squirrels Scramble
Squirrels Scramble
Squirrels Scramble


With so many options for customers to choose from it was also key to make sure that they could easily book online, making the process as straightforward and pain-free as possible for them. To achieve this we made sure to dock the booking button at the top of each page alongside the menu to make sure that when customers were ready to book the option was immediately available to them. We also built the booking button into the menu itself, again helping visitors to easily plan their visit once they were ready to do so.


Well received by the Squirrel’s Scramble team, the site has also proved popular with customers, making it easier for them to plan their visit by presenting the information which they need in a friendly and appealing format.

We’re delighted with the response and hope to continue working with the team there for a long time to come!

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