Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

Nestled in the serene countryside of Kent, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats has long been dedicated to the rescue, adoption, and rehabilitation of these noble creatures.

The steadfast team at Buttercups has diligently pursued financial resources over the years to ensure the highest quality of care and essential facilities for their resident goats. Recognising the need for a substantial financial overhaul, Buttercups sought the expertise of Website Vision, in conjunction with our affiliate, DigiTickets. 

The Digital Evolution

The primary objective for Buttercups was to develop a website that would serve as an information repository while also efficiently guiding visitors towards essential actions, including booking visits, making donations, and facilitating goat adoptions.

A significant departure from their long-standing manual operational model, this transformation involved integrating DigiTickets into their digital infrastructure. 

A Fresh Brand Identity

Complementing the digital transformation, Buttercups was keen to refresh their brand identity. Working in close collaboration with their dedicated web designer, we embarked on a comprehensive brand reimagining journey. This encompassed a comprehensive overhaul, from logo refinement to the selection of new typographic elements and color schemes, all thoughtfully applied across various mediums. The culmination of this effort was a comprehensive brand guide delineating the approved color palette, typefaces, and logo variants for online utilisation, marketing collateral, signage, and uniforms – a significant enhancement to their corporate image. 


Architecting the Digital Landscape

With the brand revitalisation strategy executed, our attention shifted towards the web development aspect. We undertook the task of designing a website structure that would seamlessly align with Buttercups' evolving operational model and cater to the preferences of their visitors. Unlike establishments that mandate advance bookings, Buttercups required a nuanced approach. This was addressed by integrating event and calendar modules into the design, allowing online visitors to explore a more comprehensive range of offerings. The objective was to encourage additional revenue generation by offering diverse experiences. 

A Promising Future

Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats serves as a compelling case study in embracing change, departing from the status quo, and rejuvenating a brand for the advancement of their mission. We eagerly anticipate the transformative outcomes these new digital systems will bring to the sanctuary and its cherished residents. The path toward modernisation and expansion continues, with Buttercups poised for a bright and promising future. 

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