Hello Kingsbridge

Hello Kingsbridge is an independent Information Centre, servicing Kingsbridge and the surrounding area to provide recommendations and support for locals and visitors alike.

Common Sense CMS

Having provided their existing website we were their first choice when they needed a new site to reflect their updated branding and attract new advertisers while providing a more tailored experience for their customers.

With the company run by a small dedicated team it was important that the CMS was as easy to use and maintain as possible, to minimise administration time. To facilitate this we built in a comprehensive module for directory listings, to allow the team to quickly upload accommodation, activities, and places to eat for visitors to browse in order to organise their perfect trip. We also developed the ability for the Hello Kingsbridge team to group items by location, to allow visitors to view all events, activities, and places to stay and eat in that area, making the site as a whole far more user-friendly.


Wireframe 2
Wireframe 2
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To further aid visitors in planning their trip we added a favourites list which they could save events to, helping users to remember individual items when swamped by the sheer number of great things to do and see. Forming a trip itinerary, this feature has proved very popular, further enhancing the usefulness of the site and encouraging return visits.


As standard, we make sure that when we build websites SEO management is automatically built-in. Hello Kingsbridge has made good use of this feature, referring to it for the technical optimisation of the website as well as optimising their content to increase customer engagement. With strong SEO content, the site ranks well online and is able to attract more visits furthering its reach.

With a Mobile-First build it’s also equally accessible to desktop and mobile users alike, ensuring that once customers reach the site they have no reason to leave, instead planning their whole trip through it.

Hello Kingsbridge
Hello Kingsbridge
Hello Kingsbridge


The Hello Kingsbridge team have been able to save valuable administration time since moving to the new setup, and their customers have given overwhelmingly positive feedback too with site interactions and engagement on the increase. We’re delighted to have been able to help them and look forward to continuing working with them going forward.

"Quite apart from being absolutely delighted with the new website they have delivered for us - which has been really well received by both our advertisers and users with compliments expressed on a daily basis - the principle pleasure has been working with "real" people, and not technogeeks!"

Samantha Dennis
Kingsbridge Information Centre

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