Healeys Cyder Farm

Established in 1980, Healeys Cyder Farm in Cornwall is a family run business best known for its popular Rattler Cyder.

We’ve worked with them to create a website which really reflects their values while also promoting their broad range of products and activities.

Family Feel

With the family at the heart of Healeys, it was important to create a website which felt friendly and welcoming, communicating the company’s core beliefs to create a website which was a pleasure to visit.

In order to achieve this, we focused heavily on imagery, incorporating lots of photos of the farm and its products to encourage customers to go and see the farm for themselves.

The warm Healeys branding colours helped to reinforce this, bringing a simple and fresh feel to each page.


Responsive Design

With an ever-growing percentage of internet browsing taking place on mobile devices, it was essential that the website performed just as smoothly regardless of the device used to access it. With this in mind, we built the site with a mobile-first mentality, testing throughout the build to make sure that the transition between screen sizes was seamless.

We also built in a bespoke templated styling module to allow new pages to easily be added with existing style templates applied, be that the traditional Healeys styling or the bold Rattler theme; this allows the Healeys team to conveniently control and amend the site without worrying about keeping new pages in line.

Shopping For Cyder

While Healeys’ selection of cyder and Rattler in particular have long been popular, especially in the South West, part of our mission was to promote just how diverse the Healeys range is to make them accessible to a wider customer base.

We built a new custom shop attached to the main website, showcasing the various products in all their glory, again focusing on an image-heavy approach to really capture customers’ interest.

Clear categorisation and related product advertising, as well as pop-up stats telling customers how in demand particular items are, helped to make the site easy to navigate while ensuring that visitors were able to access the perfect products for them.

Potent Results

With the site now live and shop profits already going strong we’re delighted to be part of bringing this fantastic family enterprise to a wider audience. Now we just need to negotiate being paid in cyder…

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