The Great Big Brick Safari

The Great Big Brick Safari is a lego exhibition which has been touring the UK, displaying life-size and larger than life animal models at zoos across the country for the public to enjoy.

Since the announcement that the exhibition was coming to Paignton Zoo, we’ve been working with the team there to create a bespoke web app to help to increase customer interaction with the models, improving the experience for all.

Standing out from the herd

A key element of the website was making sure that it clearly reflected the fun and colourful styling of the existing Paignton Zoo site while bringing in unique elements to mark it out as a new venture.

To achieve this, we reused elements from the existing site, including the bright colour scheme, and made sure to carry through a consistent feel and fonts throughout.

To differentiate we also included a ‘lego brick’ styling, using it both to break up text blocks and as part of the header menu to reinforce the key themes in the mind of the visitor.

Roar-some functionality

Once the styling was in place we were able to focus on the functionality itself. The web app needed to allow customers to input unique codes for each model which they found at the zoo, entering the customer into a prize draw once they’d logged the correct code for each model.

To allow this we set the system up to allow the customer to create their own secure account, and to log in and enter the codes as they found them, safely storing these against the account until they were ready to be entered into the prize draw.

Lego Brick Safari
Lego Brick Safari
Lego Brick Safari

Monkeying around with mobile

Throughout the build it was particularly important to ensure seamless mobile responsiveness across the web app; with many customers expected to enter codes on the go while wandering around the zoo, the mobile view was required to be just as intuitive as the desktop version. As well as designing with a Mobile-First mentality the site was rigorously tested across a range of devices, ensuring that the site is accessible for as many customers as possible.

With the site going live this week we’re very excited to see the impact it’s able to have on the Safari experience – we might just have to get down to the zoo ourselves!

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