Just Lodge Holidays

Just Lodge Holidays is the largest online collection of self-catering lodges and log cabins in the UK. Providing a way for self-catering accommodation providers of all sizes to get in front of a wide audience, their online presence is key to their business model.

With traffic and revenue dropping as the existing website aged we worked with the team there to rebuild the website and CMS to help to improve conversion rates and to encourage greater numbers of private listings to sign up to the service.

Just Lodge Holidays
Just Lodge Holidays
Just Lodge Holidays


With increasing numbers of customers browsing and booking holidays on mobile devices, it was essential that the website have a Mobile-First focus. Keeping this mindset front and centre right from the wireframing stage allowed us to ensure that the site worked seamlessly across a wide range of devices, helping to engage with all visitors to the site. Using the latest software to test multiple devices simultaneously helped to make sure that the experience was consistent throughout as well, enhancing the experience for repeat visitors.


With website visitors primarily divided between people looking for accommodation at a particular destination and those searching for inspiration, it was important that the website could effectively cater to both groups. Introducing a prominent location filter on the homepage helped to narrow down the options for the first group, while also providing direction for the latter. We also designed the site to be able to display and easily update seasonal promotions and holiday ideas to aid casual browsers.

With hundreds of lodges and destinations in the directory, it was also key to give customers who knew exactly what they were looking for the ability to easily navigate to specific pages, saving time and frustration. As well as allowing customers to search for particular destination names we introduced a bespoke tagging feature in the CMS, allowing the Just Lodges team to review search terms used on the website and to generate relevant tags based off of these to assign to listings. This has helped to make searching more intuitive, building on customer behaviour patterns to deliver the most relevant information to users.


We also built features into the CMS to allow the Just Lodges team to create focused landing pages for the most popular destinations and holiday types. Using search engine keyword analysis they’ve been able to identify the most common search terms relating to the industry and to tailor the website to best suit these, helping potential customers to find and engage with the site. To aid this we also introduced a section for holiday inspiration articles, designed both to draw in new visitors and to help browsing customers to find their ideal destination. With the articles feeding into the wider tagging, this has also helped to make the search functionality more effective.

Built on our latest CMS platform, the new website is designed to keep growing alongside the business, with the ability to ultimately cater to thousands of listings without impacting the website performance or visitor experience. With Just Lodge Holidays going from strength to strength we’re confident that it won’t be long before that becomes reality, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support them every step of the way.

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