Murder 57 At Home

Murder 57’s usual business model, running live-action murder mystery evenings and mini-breaks, is usually extremely successful, but understandably it hadn’t been designed to cope with the effects of a pandemic. The team rose to the challenge, however, and over the summer of 2020 they introduced a new concept via their social media accounts; a video-based murder mystery, allowing customers to play along in the safety of their own homes.


With their new concept successfully tested the Murder 57 team approached us to discuss a way of productising their creation. Although they’d been able to start selling the murder mysteries through their existing website and ticketing system they were looking for something bespoke to host the new product, as well as a way of automating the process to minimise unnecessary admin time.


The new system needed to fulfil a few different criteria to be suitable for customers, allowing it to act as a one-stop portal for the purchase and redemption process. Customers needed to be able to browse the available events and to filter to find specific ones, and then to be able to proceed through a straightforward purchasing process to pay for their selection.

They also needed to be able to redeem their tickets against the event in the portal once they were ready and to keep track of which events they’d already purchased and which others were available.

Murder 57 at Home
Murder 57 at Home
Murder 57 at Home


As well as providing a friendly interface for customers, the new website needed to match the branding of the existing site while remaining distinct and easy to use. It also needed to control access to the events so that a customer couldn’t buy one ticket and then share the redemption code with all of their friends, and, crucially, it needed to be easy to manage. The Murder 57 team needed to be able to add, update, and remove events easily through the CMS as well to effectively manage the site and attract new and returning customers.


We’re pleased to say that we were able to provide a piece of software that allowed for all of this. Integrating with the existing ticketing provider, we were able to create a smooth customer flow which allowed site visitors to get all the information they needed and to make their purchase without unnecessary fuss or confusion.

Now, when the Murder 57 team create a new online murder mystery they simply upload it and the system handles everything else; customers can follow the full browsing, purchase, and redemption process without needing to get in touch. The events themselves don’t need upkeep, either; once one has been added it stays on the website until it’s removed, allowing recurring revenue as successive customers purchase the event package.

With the online murder mysteries proving so popular, Murder 57 will be able to keep them running alongside in-person events, adding another string to their bow and ensuring their income in uncertain times. We’re just looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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