Tulleys Christmas

We've supported Tulleys for a decade to help them provide a first-class digital experience to complement their farm's attractions. Working closely with their team, we redesigned and reinvigorated the website for Tulleys Christmas Experience.

An engaging experience

The redesigning of the Tulleys Christmas website was centred around providing a new visual design to the website whilst improving the user experience.

The engaging video content on the Home page helps to immediately capture website visitors' attention. The new calendar module then allows Tulleys to quickly convert website visitors into farm visitors.

Key information about how to find the farm, accessibility and the facilities were made to be easily accessed. This improvement to the user journey will undoubtedly increase ticket sales for Tulleys.

Responsive experience

Over 80% of the visitors to the Tulleys Christmas website are viewing the site on mobile devices. Therefore, the new website was designed and developed mobile-first.

Simple navigation and clear buttons help visitors to the website easily engage with what Tulleys have to offer at Christmas. The template we developed for the website means changes to content only need to be made once due to the website's responsiveness.

Tulleys mobile view
Tulleys mobile view
Tulleys mobile view

Easy website edits

The new website was built with the most recent version of our excellent CMS platform. All of Tulleys' websites are powered by our CMS, so their team know all too well how easy it is to use!

With our CMS we have helped make editing the content on the pages, adding new dates to the calendar and pushing ticket sales live a really seamless process.

As the CMS is our own platform, as Tulleys Christmas develops as an attraction we can adapt the site and the CMS to suit their changing needs.

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