Lightwater Valley

We were delighted to work with them again to provide a first-class website that would engage, enthuse and educate their customers whilst boosting ticket conversions.

As Lightwater Valley had recently launched significantly new branding, they required a redesign and revamp of their website to provide clear consistency across all of their online platforms.

A frictionless booking experience

The main goal of Lightwater Valley’s website is for it to help customers find out what’s going on at the adventure park and book tickets. With that in mind, it was critically important that we provided a simple, frictionless ticket journey.

Our recently-launched calendar module is designed to help customers quickly and easily see when an attraction is open and any special events happening on any given date. This then integrates seamlessly with DigiTickets to allow customers to progress on to completing their ticket booking and to have a wonderful day out!

With a website redesign, we were keen to utilise the new calendar module as it would provide the best possible user experience for Lightwater Valley’s customers.

Responsive experience

With over 80% of the web traffic being on mobile devices, we redesigned and built the new Lightwater Valley website mobile first. We like to use Google Analytics and other data to help inform our decision-making so that what we provide for our clients is both appropriate and as impactful as possible for them and their customers.

The new Lightwater Valley website was designed to provide the best possible user experience on all devices but with special attention to the 4 out of 5 visitors who are on their mobile phones.

Light Water Valley
Lightwater Valley Mobile View
Light Water Valley

An interactive, immersive map

One of the key considerations for any parent or carer who is looking to book a day out for the family is what they can do when they get there. Will all of the rides be appropriate? Are there plenty of places to get food? What about accessibility access?

All of those questions and more can be answered with an engaging, interactive park map. As Lightwater Valley had previously benefited from using our park maps module, we wanted to all improve the user interface of the map and make sure it works perfectly on all devices.

Such features like a park map really help reduce the concerns or confusion prospective customers can have and this ultimately helps improve the customer experience!

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