The Stonehenge Tour

The Stonehenge Tour is a hop-on, hop-off bus route which takes visitors from Salisbury city centre through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to Old Sarum and Stonehenge.

With an on-board commentary in 10 different languages and priority entrance to Stonehenge the tour is extremely popular with tourists visiting the famous stone circle; we got involved to help make sure that the website was too!


Because of the international audience, one of the most important features for the new site was the ability to display in a variety of languages. The tour itself can be accessed in 10 different languages so we needed to make sure that the site could keep up; to facilitate this we integrated a robust translation system which allowed each page’s key content and navigation to be added into the CMS in multiple languages. With the option to add additional languages in the future as needed the website is accessible for a wide range of potential visitors, helping to give them the information they need while boosting sales.


The design for the site was a no brainer; Stonehenge is so iconic that it speaks for itself. The tour already used the stones as part of their existing branding, so we were able to ensure that the same colours and silhouette motif were used throughout the site to reinforce the brand presence, helping to distinguish the tour from any competitors.
Stunning photos of the stones take centre stage on the homepage, with a scrolling slideshow, controlled via the CMS, offering visitors a taste of what to expect. This also has the added advantage of drawing the eye to the image of a bus ticket in the corner, helping to prompt visitors to purchase a ticket and see the sight for themselves.

The Stonehenge Tour
The Stonehenge Tour
The Stonehenge Tour


With varying opening times and a heavy mobile bias the site needed to be able to provide the key information clearly and succinctly to grab and retain customer interest. We tackled this by introducing large and engaging call to action icons on the mobile homepage, helping to encourage browsers to buy tickets, view the timetable, or check the itinerary, guiding the customer toward the desired conversion paths. With the focus on having a fully responsive site throughout, mobile and desktop users alike can get the information they need easily.


The Stonehenge Tour team have been delighted with the new site, and business is booming. With new generations able to experience the wonder of Stonehenge we're proud to have been able to contribute toward one of the country's most impressive heritage sites and look forward to seeing the tours going from strength to strength.

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