The Stonehenge Tour

The Stonehenge tour is a tourist bus route operated by Salisbury Reds, based in Wiltshire, and takes in Old Sarum, Wiltshire and Stonehenge.

The tour itself has a commentary running in 10 different languages and is open throughout the year.


Due to the international audience the Stonehenge tour targets, one of the key requirements of the website was to make it capable of displaying content appropriate to the chosen language.  To this end, we integrated a robust translation system, allowing each page’s key terminology and navigation to be added in multiple languages through the CMS, with the option to extend to further languages as required in the future.

The running times for the tour vary through the year, so the website needed a clear way of indicating what times the tour would be operating for a given date,  and taking into consideration the large proportion of mobile traffic to the website, thought had to be put into how best to get this information across to mobile surfers.

In order to facilitate this we placed large call to action icons on the mobile homepage, encouraging a browser to either buy tickets, view timetable or check the itinerary, streamlining the user journey towards desired conversion paths. The timetable page itself is fully responsive, designed to deliver information without causing frustration to either mobile or desktop users.

The Stonehenge Tour
The Stonehenge Tour
The Stonehenge Tour


The main focus of the design is the iconic Stonehenge, which had already been incorporated into the branding of the Tour, so we ensured that the same colours and silhouette motif were used throughout the website to reinforce the brand presence of the tour between its livery, Website and promotional material.

The exceptional photography of Stonehenge itself takes centre stage of the homepage, with a scrolling slideshow of the sights of the tour offering a taste of what to expect. By leading the eye to the image of a bus ticket in the corner, the user is then prompted to purchase a ticket so that they can experience it for themselves.

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