New site for Seaton Tramway

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Website Vision | 10th May, 2021

Seaton Tramway

We always take it as a compliment when an existing customer returns to us for a new website, so we were delighted when the lovely team at Seaton Tramway chose us to bring a fresh lease of life to their online presence.

We’re pretty pleased with the finished site, too; with a focus on giving visitors all the information they need to plan their visit, particularly promoting today’s departures and any upcoming events, it’s both friendly and informative, with an intuitive layout. The interactive route map helps customers to learn more about the tramway before visiting too, and the detailed colour-coded timetable allows them to plan exactly when to go and what they’ll see.

Allowing customers to learn more about the tramway itself was important too, and we’ve built in plenty of space to show off the fleet and the attraction’s history to allow visitors to engage with the site more fully. The tramway’s live webcam also allows customers to get a taste of the day to day operations when they can’t be there.

With the new site already boosting visitor engagement, we’re excited to keep working with the tramway in the future and seeing this great attraction going from strength to strength!


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